Long Term Care:

At Mountain Care Pharmacy, we are passionate about creating pharmacy solutions to improve the level of patient care. Our personalized service and unbeatable prices make Mountain Care Pharmacy the superior choice for your LTC pharmacy services.


• Medication Take-Back Program
• Bubble-Pack Billing of Outside Medications
• Automatic Refill Requests to Prescribers
• Automatic Refill Requests to Prescribers
• EMAR/Pharmacy Integration
• EMAR Subsidizing
• Standardizing Facility Pharmacy Procedures
• Seamless Pharmacy Transition With Help From Onsite On-Boarding Team
• 14 day Cycle Fills
• Exchange Bin Program
• 24/7 Pharmacy Support
• Affordable Med-cart Lease Program
• Unique First Fill Program
• Pharmacy Portal
• New Aged

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