Superior Long Term Care

Our innovative services work so well that we are already seeing competitors "try" to copy them. We are guessing you would rather have the original instead of an inadequate knock-off. Here is a brief list of how we do it better:

eMAR Pharmacy Verification- Makes checking in cycle a breeze!

28 day Cycle Fills- No longer will your patients end up with double copays on 31 day months. So you get to save your residents money by switching.

Bubble-Packing Outside Meds- We not only package them, but also manage reorders, store the meds to be sent at cycle, and add them to your eMAR.

Automatic Refill Requests to Prescribers- No more missing meds because the pharmacy wasn't on top of getting refills.

Medication Destruction Program- Stop wasting your time! This is something your pharmacy should do.

Exchange Bin Program- Easily drop cycle in minutes instead of hours.

24/7 Pharmacy Support- Tired of talking to techs or an answering service afterhours? When you call us you talk to a pharmacist.

Pharmacy Portal- Reordering meds is simple with a web-base reordering platform.

Delivery Driver

Give Mountain Care Pharmacy a call at (208) 287-4667 and let us show you "a better way to pharmacy".