Medication Management Services

Did you know? The leading cause for a patient needing to be admitted to an LTC facility is medication mis-management. Mountain Care's Medication Management Services help to keep patients independent longer. Here's how:

saving money

Care Advocates

We have dedicated Patient Care Advocates that will work directly with you and your provider(s) to help ensure you have the medications that you need, when you need them. These reps will also be your main contact at the pharmacy. This is to ensure not even the smallest details get overlooked.

Packaging and Delivery

We offer disposable custom adherence packaging (i.e. Mediset-style cards) designed to make sure that all meds are taken exactly when they should be. This includes adding your supplements or any OTC meds that you may be taking to your weekly pack. We also offer free delivery to much of Southwest Idaho.

Delivery Driver


Our services have, and will remain completely free. The only cost to the patient is the copay or the cost of the medications. The cost should be the same or cheaper than what the current pharmacy is already charging.

Give Mountain Care Pharmacy a call today at (208) 287-4667 and let us help show you "a better way to pharmacy".